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Grant Guidelines and Policies

We are not accepting unsolicited LOI's at this time.

Our Target grant is $15,000; with a range of $2,000 -
$30,000.  Larger grants are considered on an exception

Our current focus is on early literacy and environmental
awareness, specifically the reduction of our dependence on
non-renewable resources.  Please note that we will not reply
to unsolicited submissions outside of these areas.

New applicants are required to submit a Letter of Inquiry
(LOI) briefly describing the project before submitting a full
proposal.  LOI's will be acknowledged shortly after receipt.  
We will notify you with our decision two weeks after the LOI
deadline.  At this point we will either decline the request,
request a site visit, or request a full proposal.

If we request a full proposal, we will provide you with a list of
the required documents along with a list of any questions
that arose during our discussion of your proposal.

We request that the full proposal be submitted within two  
weeks of the request for proposal date unless other dates
are agreed upon at the time of the request.

We are a paperless office; all documents are scanned to PDF.
Electronic submissions are appreciated. PDF format is
preferred, but we will also accept email, Word and Excel. If  
you are submitting paper documents, please avoid  
double-sided copies, bindings and staples.  Only submit
paper documents if you cannot provide them in soft copy.  Do
not send hard copy as a backup to soft copy.  Do not send
multiple copies of paper documents.
Apply Online
Unsolicited LOI's are not being
accepted at this time.

Submission Deadlines
There are currently no submission
deadlines.  If you are a previous
grantee, you may submit a Full
Proposal at any time.  

Full Proposal Guidelines
Be sure to read the following
documents for more details on our
guidelines and policies:

Full Proposal Guidelines

Giving Policy
Supporting education with
a focus on early literacy