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Our Focus
The Severns Family Foundation funds educational projects
focusing on early literacy which may include funding for
schools, libraries, and institutions.  Projects funded fall into,
but are not limited to the following categories:

  • Private/Public school funding
  • Public policy funding
  • Summer programs
  • Library funding
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Science Museum funding

We occasionally grant outside of these areas on an
exception basis only.

Solar for Schools
11-17-10 - Funding is not available for this program until at
least October, 2011.

The Severns Family Foundation's Solar For Schools Project is
a pilot program developed to teach future generations about
solar energy's potential for clean, renewable power.

We will provide funding for systems up to 10 kW (enough to
power two homes).

Solar energy will:
Help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.  
Reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources such
as oil, coal, and natural gas. Help fight global climate change

Project Details

We are looking for schools that meet the following

  • Must have a long term location (e.g. some charters do
    not know where they will be from year to year).
  • Will track, post, and discuss with students real-time
    system data, including C02 and $$ saved.
  • Will provide resources to students and parents who
    would like to learn more.
  • Will provide a person who will be responsible for
    getting the system installed.

If your school meets these criteria and you are interested in
applying for a grant to fund or help fund ($50K max.) a solar
installation, please email us at
for more information.
About Us
The Severns Family Foundation was
founded by Robert L. Severns in
1988 in an effort to help solve our
nation's literacy crisis.
Click here for
more on the life of Robert L.
Presently, the foundation
is directed by Robert's two childen,
Dave and Nancy along with Dave's
wife Sharon.

Applying for a Grant
New applicants are required to
submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
briefly describing the project before
submitting a full proposal.  LOI's will
be acknowledged shortly after

Supporting education with
a focus on early literacy